Chennai Museum

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General Information

Timings :

9.30 am to 5 pm

Entry charges :

Rs.15 /-

Dress Ethics :

There are no prescribed details. Use your judgment.

Photography is allowed inside, you may have to buy a separate ticket for the camera.


Drinking Water :

Please carry your own bottles as it is a long walk around the museum.

Toilets :

Toilets facility is available

Parking :

Ample car park available inside the museum compound.


The museum is located in the heart of the city. There are several restaurants within walking distance of the museum.


  • Best to carry an Umbrella /Cap / Hat:    The place is all open air.  This area being tropical weather, it tends to get very warm during the day and is very hot during the summers as there is practically no shade anywhere in the temple.
  • Carry your earphones/headphones
  • Power bank / Battery pack for your phone
  • Data network – you will have longer battery time if you are off the mobile data network. So when you are using the audio guide, you may want to get off the network.

The Basics

It is good to refresh our memory on these basics.  In South India, almost all of the key monuments will have references to gods, goddesses, and mythological tales.  Knowing these will help one appreciate the work by artists.


Chennai city is perhaps the of cultural, economic, medical and educational center in India.  Chennai is also most visited city by foreign tourists.

Chennai museum Established in 1851,  Chennai museum is the second oldest museum in the country.   It is also the largest collection of Roman antiquities outside of Europe.